Rev. Caesar 999

I am an Author, Publisher, Mystic, Shaman, Tantric Healer, and Warrior-Priest. I often use my spiritual and pen name of Rev. Caesar 999, on many of my articles and books. I have been a practicing Satanic Mystic for over 20 years. Through my Spiritual Evolution, I have gone from being a Devil Worshiper, to an atheistic Laveyan Satanist, to a personal form of Theistic Satanism combined with aspects of Tantrism, Shakti Hinduism, Taoism, etc.
I focus upon Martial Arts, Spiritual Shamanic Development, Magickal Arts, Tantra and Tantric Healing, other healing arts, mystical communion with Self and Satanic Creation, worship of Satanic Creation in the form of the Goddess Kali (aka Satanic Kali), other deities, etc. I am the founder and High Priest of the underground Church of The Antichrist 999 and Temple of Satanic Kali. I am the creator of my own branch of Satanism, known as Spiritual Satanism 999.
I have written many Spiritual and Satanic books to help teach these beliefs and goals. I became my own publisher because it’s difficult for new or unknown Authors to break into the book market and also, so that I could help others like myself to publish their books as well.
I self-published my first book in 2005 (“Satan’s Divine Vampir Bible” by Rev. Caesar 999), re-published in 2006 (“The Satanic Bible” by Rev. Caesar 999), and then again in 2007 (“The Satanic Bible” by Rev. Caesar 999) with the ISBN 978-0-615-16991-0. This is the foundational book for my mystical form of Spiritual Satanism which I call, Spiritual Satanism 999. I published a new updated version of this Satanic Bible in Nov. 2011, (“The Satanic Bible 2012” by Rev. Caesar 999). I also published, Satan’s Sorcery Volume I, The Crystal Tower, The Quest, The Shadow Garden, Welcome to Zone X, The Satanic Bible Magazine.
I will be publishing many more books. If anyone wants to contact me to discuss my beliefs further or would like to publish their books through my services, then you are welcome to contact me.
Rev. Caesar 999
Published Books:
(The Satanic Bible – ISBN: 978-0-615-16991-0)
(The Satanic Bible 2012 – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-1-3, E-Book: 978-0-9840313-0-6)
(The Crystal Tower – ISBN 978-0-9840313-2-0, E-Book: 978-0-9840313-5-1)
(Satan’s Sorcery Volume I – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-3-7, E-Book: 978-0-9840313-4-4)
(The Quest – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-6-8)
(The Shadow Garden – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-7-5)
(Welcome To Zone X – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-8-2)
(The Satanic Bible Magazine – ISBN: 978-1-943287-00-0)
(Heaven on Earth – ISBN: 978-0-9840313-9-9)
Unpublished Books: Satan’s Sorcery Volume II, Satan’s Sorcery Volume III, Satan’s Sorcery Volume IV, Unveiling The Mask of Evil, The Tantric Hindu Bible, Church of The Damned Volume 1 & 2, etc.